SF Guardians (formerly Recall SF School Board)

SF School Board Voter Guide 2022

Recalled the school board (in a landslide)
Defeated Prop C to defend our recall rights
Now campaigning for Ann, Lainie, and Lisa.

SF Guardians overwhelmingly voted to endorse
Ann Hsu, Lainie Motamedi, & Lisa Weissman-Ward

Ann Hsu: 99%
Lainie Motamedi: 98%
Lisa Weissman-Ward: 96%
In a short few months, they have
* appointed a new superintendent,
* balanced the budget,
* dropped wasteful lawsuits,
* restored merit based admission,
* brought fiscal accountability into board decisions, and
* triggered a cultural change & brand new focus on student outcomes.

This is just the beginning. There is MUCH more work to do to get our schools back on track.

Meet Ann, Lainie, & Lisa

has the steel backbone to demand accountability and the strength to make hard but necessary decisions

Entrepreneur who gets things done
Chaired bond oversight committee
Mom of kids in SFUSD
knows how to build processes to make large organizations work, and has a knack for tracking down waste & inefficiency

Co-chaired PEEF committee
Mom of kids in SFUSD

has the deep empathy and understanding needed to bring the community along

Stanford professor & lawyer for immigrants
Mom of kids in SFUSD

Why not vote for the other candidates?

Check out this chart of the six candidates in the race ---
it shows why it's SO important to keep Ann, Lainie, and Lisa in office.
See all six candidates in the SF school board race for 2022, along with their positions on important issues.

Right now we have a 1-vote majority on the school board. If we lose even one seat, we'll be headed right back to the performative politics of the past.

And here's the biggest danger:

School board elections are won by the candidates with the best name recognition...
...and recalled school board President Gabriela López is running to retake her seat.
She's already picked up an endorsement from SF Berniecrats.

Even after her immature tweets and her embarrassing interview about renaming.

Even after her recall by 72% of voters.

Even after her recent ethics violations.

If you don't stand with us and vote for ANN * LAINIE * LISA -- if you vote for Alida Fisher or Karen Fleshman or only vote for two of our candidates -- then you're giving López a path back to the school board.

We cannot risk that.

Vote ANN * LAINIE * LISA for school board on November 8, and give our kids 4 years of competent, student-focused leadership.

Who are we?

The Outer Sunset farmers' market team
The best city in the world deserves the best schools in the world.
We're here to make that happen.
SF Guardians is the community of parents, teachers, and SF residents who collected nearly a quarter million signatures and recalled the incompetent school board.

We're bringing back competence and putting students first.

And we need your help.

Donate, volunteer, and subscribe to our newsletter -- because this is your campaign too.


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